Words of opposite meaning

Greetings and welcome to opposite-of.com, a useful online resource for lists of opposite words, also known as antonyms. There are pages here for many common English words, and on each page there is a list of words whose meaning is the opposite of or nearly the opposite of the main word.

There are several ways to utilize the site which can help find the information you’re looking for. In the right sidebar is a search box into which visitors can type in the word they are looking for an antonym of. Then press return or click the magnifying glass icon to be taken the the search results page.

The upper right of each page has a drop down menu of posts organized by the first letter of the word (select category menu). Also on the right side of the page there is a list of popular opposite of posts that have been viewed by many people. Viewing these articles can be interesting, even if they aren’t the word you had in mind when you first came to this site.

Seeing lists of antonyms can help one gain insight into the meaning and usage of a word, and exploring and learning new words and their meanings is fun. Other uses include improving reports and online articles, studying and test preparation, and coming up with answers to crossword puzzle clues, to name a few.

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